Shake Collaboration Services




Need help establishing a brand name? Our all-star team guides clients through our comprehensive naming criteria process. The result is a name that tells your story in a compelling and concise way. With the right name…brand recognition, brand equity and loyalty are sure to follow.  



Logo Design


Want to establish an iconic brand? Shake specializes in custom, digital logo design. Our team works strategically to bring brands to life in the form of memorable, proprietary visual identities.  The cornerstone of any brand is its logo…we got this.  

Brand Discovery


Looking for a trusted team of advisors to help develop brand architecture and strategy? At Shake, our clients get the tools they need to consistently highlight core brand strengths, while still staying fresh.  An authentic brand is everything, so leave it to us.   


Packaging Design & Production

packaging design_1.png

How do products shine on the shelf? Beyond a killer design, our team understands how to achieve strategic, on brand and compliant messaging that will ensure our client’s final packaging concept is, well, the whole package.    


Web Solutions: Design. Development. Results.

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What is more important than online presence? From a digital asset standpoint, not much else! Buyers demand a solid website with easy to access information prior to making a purchase or working with any company. Our team creates a web presence that is unique, robust and powerful. Our sites are responsive, SEO-savvy, and beautiful — so you can tell your story, your way.


IP Review

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How important is protecting your brand? Trademark availability is a critical step in the preliminary stages of building a successful brand.  Our in house team vets future brands, including names and taglines, to ensure our clients are in the best position to protect what they have worked so hard to build.